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All Terra Landscape Services is Lansing's foremost grounds maintenance, mowing, landscape and snow removal provider. For all of your Landscaping needs, look no further.

All Terra Landscape Services is Lansing's foremost grounds maintenance,mowing, landscape and snow removal provider. For all of your Landscaping needs, look no further. We have over 25 years of landscape and lawn mowing experience to offer you. Everyday we transform home and businesses into outdoor rooms of lasting beauty providing functionality without sacrificing aesthetic quality bringing out the natural curb appeal you so desire from your new landscaping.

Lansing Michigan based All Terra Landscape Services are experts when it comes to maintaining your landscaping long after it is installed. With our many years of experience in the landscape, lawn care and snow removal fields, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly diagnose, maintain and care for your lawn, landscape plantings and gardens.


We at All Terra Landscape Services 
​provide our expert knowledge to all types of residential and commercial landscaping clients.  No job is too big or small to handle.  Just take a look at a few of the customer types we service as experienced landscapers:


We can sit down with you and help work within your landscapelawn maintenance or snow removal budget.  We have customized grounds maintenance programs with varying levels of care to assure that you get the best service ​for your money.  Fill out our online quote request for more information on scheduling a free estimate with one of our Landscape Professional Representatives.

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Side Yard - Before
Side Yard - After
Beginning of Boulder Wall Construction
Boulder Wall - After
Front Yard - During Installation
Front Yard - One Year Later
Patio - Before
Patio - Construction of Seat Wall and Fire Pit
Beginning of patio Constructin
Patio Soon After Construction
Footing Tile For Seat Wall
Fire Pit and patio
Before Image
Front Brick Walk After Installaltion
Side View - Before
Side View - After
Brick Walk Entry
Sit And Relax Next To The Fire.
Functional Use Of Spaces
Extend Your Living Space Outdoors WIth Brick Patios
Make a Boring Entry Come Alive
Natural Ohio Blue Stone Patio With Seat Wall.  Notice The Fire pit Built Into The Wall?
Plantings That Work For Your Site.
Tame That Hill With Landscaped Steps Providing Function And Aesthetic Beauty
Creative Uses Of Landscape Stone
That's Our Man Andrew Working Hard On A Fall Clean Up.
Inviting Brick Patio In A Natural Setting
Inviting Entries To Your Home With Landscape Pavers
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All Terra Landscape Services Offers Expert Lawn Mowing, Landscaping, And Snow Removal Service To Customers In Okemos, East Lansing, Haslett, Holt, Dewitt, Grand Ledge, Williamston And The Rest Of The Greater Lansing Area.
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All Terra Landscape Services of Lansing MI - Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal

Is Your Landscape Ready For Winter

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 12/12/14

Even though it looked like we were going to have an early winter this November in the Greater Lansing Area, there still is time to button up any landscape projects you may have before the real winter hits.  This time of year is actually the best time to plant trees and hardy shrubs.  Just make sure to install a thick mulch layer over the root zone for insulation.  There is also time left to clean up those leaves.  Recent studies have shown that simply mulching your leaves instead of collecting them is actually better for your lawn and landscape.  Now is a great time to inspect your large trees for potential hazards and get them trimmed before an ice storm hits.  Call All Terra Landscape Services for tree company recommendations in your area.  We'd like to wish you and all of our customers happy holidays and safe travels this winter.

Finish Up Those Landscape Projects Before Winter Hits

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 12/12/14

You might not know based on the early snow we had in November but believe it or not there is still time to wrap up those landscape projects before the real winter hits.  Now is actually the best time of the year for planting trees and hardy shrubs.  Plantings have gone dormant this time of year and planting now will cause them less stress.  Be sure to install a thick mulch layer over the root zone for insulation and be sure to water up until the time the ground freezes.  Now is also a good time to clean up your leaves.  There have been studies that show mulching up your leaves and returning them to landscape bed and lawn areas are actually more beneficial than raking and disposing of them.  Be sure to clean those gutters out and put away any patio furniture.  Also, now is a good time to inspect your large trees for potential hazards.  We at All Terra Landscape Services can recommend tree trimming companies in your area.  We all wish you and our customers happy holidays and look forward to seeing you in spring!

Lawn Mowing Is Coming.

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 04/08/14

We are finally coming out of our winter doldrums and pretty soon we will begin to mowing the grass.  At All Terra Landscape Services we typically start mowing customer's yards around April 15th.  This year it seems like the grass will never green up but we are predicting that our first mowing will be at the end of April and possibly the first week in May.  This is a huge delay compared to a normal mowing season.  Don't get too much of a head start planting annual flowers or getting your crabgrass prevention down on your lawn before the optimal time of spring.  We can have frost well into May which was the case last year.  Many fruiting trees were damaged because of it.  Be patient and spring will eventually come!  In the meantime, give All Terra Landscape Services a call for a free lawn mowing estimate in the Greater Lansing Area.

For All Of Your Lawn Mowing And Landscaping Needs Call All Terra Landscape Services

How Do You Get Stripes In A Lawn?

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 03/24/14

We often have heard "how do I get my lawn to look like a golf course".  It's actually very simple.  When golf courses mow the grass they use a reel mower which is outfitted typically with a weighted roller on the front as well as one on the back of the mower.  This pushes down or bends the grass in the direction you are mowing.  At All Terra Landscape Services, our mowers are equipped with a similar striping kit that enables the lawn technician to make your lawn look like a golf course!  Straight lines are the norm but you can get creative with lawn striping  

On occasion we will mow in a curved pattern versus a straight pattern to mix it up a bit.  The following week, mow at a ninety degree angle to the pattern that you mowed your lawn in before and this will give your grass a checker board pattern since you will still be able to see your lawn stripes from the previous mowing.

Lawn Care And Mowing Services | All Terra Landscape Of Lansing MI serving Okemos, Holt, Dewitt, Grand Ledge and More.Professional Lawn Mowing Service

The Benefits Of Landscape Bed Mulch

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 03/16/14

Mulching is essential when it comes to the health and vigor of your plants.  Mulch helps to protect the plant and root zone from harsh temperature extremes both in winter and summer.  In winter it acts as a blanket for your plantings while in the summer it helps to lock in moisture guarding the plant from drought.  After time the mulch will begin to break down to compost adding to the nutrients of the soil.  Another key benefit of mulch is that it helps in preventing weeds.  It also will help to break down heavy clay soils aiding in water movement through the root zone.  For most plantings you will want to make sure you have a two to four inch layer making sure to keep the mulch from coming in contact with the base of trees and branches of shrubs. Having trouble growing grass under trees?  Turn it into a mulch bed!  Your trees will love you for it and you'll have less lawn to mow!  There are many mulch types available to us in the Lansing Michigan area such as pine, hardwood, cypress and cedar.  Hardwood mulch is a general mix of different species.  You can also purchase dyed mulch that has enhanced color and will last twice as long as other mulches.  Try to stay away from ground up pallet mulch since these mulches can rob your plantings of moisture and nutrients.  When it comes to figuring out how much mulch you will need, figure about 1 Cubic Yard per 100 Square Feet at three inches deep.  If you decide you don't have the time to do it yourself, give All Terra Landscape Services a call for a free estimate.

Article by
Jerre Thompson
All Terra Landscape Services LLC 

Common Mistakes People Do To Their Lawn In Spring

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 03/09/14

Though it seems that Spring will never make it to Mid Michigan, it is actually just around the corner.  We usually see the fastest warm up of temperatures in March than any other month of the year so it's time to be prepared! Unfortunately ,many people do not realize that the things they do to their lawn in the Spring may actually be hurting it!  Here are a few things we at All Terra Landscape Services see all the time.

1.  Rolling 
I remember as a kid I would take my father's little garden tractor with his 50 gallon roller attached to it and drive around the neighborhood 
rolling peoples lawns out to get the bumps out.  I made quite a bit of
money at it!  Little did I know that this can damage your lawn's leaf 
crown and also causes compaction especially in the Lansing Area's
heavy clay composition of soil.  This will prevent water from draining 
along with nutrients not being able to reach the root zone.  If you feel
that you absolutely have to roll your lawn, make sure you follow up 
with a good hollow core aeration.

2.  Missing The Timing For Crabgrass Preventative
I know you can't wait to escape the cabin fever you may have developed
over this long winter and get out in your lawn and begin to work but 
missing the window for crabgrass preventative by putting it down to 
early will be a mistake.  Normally we put down crabgrass preventative 
down right around Mid March.  Two years ago Spring came about a 
month too early so timing was different.  This year it's hard to say but
we may be a month behind on Spring so there is a greater chance you 
could possibly treat your lawn too early.  A good general guideline is to
put your crabgrass preventative down just when the Forsythia is about to
bloom.  Also, you can go by degree days which is a whole other topic.
You can get more information by visiting The MSU Extension website or
All Terra Landscape Services for more information.

3.  Seeding After Crabgrass or Pre-Emergent Preventative
We at All Terra Landscape Services hear this all the time from 
customers!  They have seeded their bare areas in Spring with no
results.  Crabgrass preventative is great for exactly what it says it's for
but it's also great for preventing newly seeded areas from germinating as
well.  If you have to seed after you have applied crabgrass preventative
then you will need to thoroughly rake the bare area to break the barrier
and then seed accordingly. 

4.  Over Watering
Most people are guilty of this.  More is better isn't the case!  Typically in
Michigan we get an abundant amount of rain that is usually enough by 
itself to help your lawn grow.  Over watering can lead to a plethora of 
disease problems that can damage your lawn down the road.

5.  Cutting Your Grass Too Short.
You may feel the need to cut your grass shorter during the Spring so that
you don't have to mow it so much since Spring is the season when your 
lawn is growing the most and is constantly trying to seed out.  At All 
Terra Landscape Services, we try to maintain our customer's lawns at 
about 3.5".  We recommend keeping your lawn at a minimum of 3" and  no more than 4".  This will help to establish a deeper root system making
for a stronger stand of turf resulting in less need for water and nutrients.

Of course if you decide you need a professional lawn and landscape company, please feel free to give All Terra Landscape Services of Lansing MI a call or visit our website to fill out a free estimate request.

Article by
Jerre Thompson
All Terra Landscape Services LLC

All Terra Landscape Services Services Okemos, Dewitt, East Lansing and The Rest Of Mid Michigan

A Little Info On Our Lawn and Landscape Company!

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 02/27/14

As a student in High School, Jerre Thompson, CGIP (Owner of All Terra Landscape) began a small lawn mowing company with the help of his Father who helped buy the equipment to get him started.  
Throughout High School, as he paid is Father back the loan, Jerre began to grow his company to help finance College to study Landscape Architecture at Lansing Community School. After completing his education, he sold his company and went to work for a major Landscape Design and build firm where he worked his way up from a Landscape Laborer to Landscape Designer and Manager. 
Over the course of 20 years Jerre gained the knowledge and skills in all aspects of Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance that allowed him to position All Terra Landscape Services LLC as a lawn and landscape service company operating in the Greater Lansing MI Area.  Each year since the company has grown substantially. 
In 2012, Josh Ridner became a welcome addition to All Terra Landscape, heading up the Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Division. Josh offers 18 years of experience in the Green Industry. 
With continued growth, we strive to be the best Landscaping Service around while offering our customers expert Landscape Design,  Construction, and Lawn Maintenance to fit any budget without sacrificing honesty, integrity and attention for detail. By doing so, All Terra Landscape and our customers will both benefit from successful partnerships in this endevour.  We thank you for your interest and look forward to meeting you!  

Lawn Mainteance and Landscape Installation Quotes

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 02/24/14

Well this winter has been one of the longest in recent history and doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.  At All Terra Landscape Services we are typically beginning spring clean ups and mulch installation this time of year but it looks as if we will be a month behind due to the snow that remains on he ground until it thaws out.  Just because it is still winter outside doesn't mean it is too early to think about your lawn and landscaping for the upcoming season.  Now is the time to get a free quote for lawn mowing services or the landscape installation project you have been putting off.  Most landscape companies are making the transition from snow removal to spring and summer services about this time of the year and now is a perfect time to get a free estimate.  Call us at All Terra Landscape Services and beat the spring rush!

Snow Removal Topics - Is It Going To Be A Rough Winter?

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 10/14/13

We have had it pretty easy the last few years as far as winters go.  Could this year be the year that we have snow like our parents and grandparents always would talk about?  I've seen pictures from the sixties with snow up to the roof and my Grandfather digging a tunnel to the front door!  It was amazing!  Make sure you are prepared this year.  Get your snow blower ready early and into the shop for repair before the winter rush happens.  It's common for snow blower repair shops to be at least two weeks out before your machine gets serviced.  Replace the spark plug and empty the gas as well as any gas left in the carb and fuel bowl.  Be sure to check the paddles for wear or cracking.  Also, during the winter when in use, do not use gas that is more than a month old or else you can have problems.  If all else fails then give All Terra Landscape Services a call to come dig you out!  Tell us what you have heard.  Do you think it will be a rough winter? 

Spring is coming!

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 03/05/13

Yes that time is almost here!  The days of shoveling snow will once again pass for a time and we will be welcoming warmer temperatures which means it will be time to prepare your landscape so it looks the best it can for the season.  Once the snow is gone, you'll want to do a spring clean up making sure to rake up old leaves, dead fallen twigs and branches as well as preparing your landscape beds for new planting or simply removing the old growth from last years perennials.  When it comes to your lawn the most important thing you can do is provide a crabgrass preventative to avoid the unsightly spread of the weed.  A good rule of thumb is to time your application at about the time that Forsythia begins to bloom typically in mid to late March depending on the weather.  Of course check your lawn mower and get it in to the repair shop early for repairs to avoid a wait.  Shops become extremely busy with the onset of warm weather.  If you need help with any of your outdoor maintenance needs, feel free to contact All Terra Landscape Services  for a free quote on landscape design, lawn mowing, lawn fertilizing, or landscape installation.   

Care For Your Lawn

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 01/31/13

Proper care for your lawn can be easy when following a few simple guidelines.  Like any living thing, the most important ingredients for a lush, healthy lawn is water, food and sunlight.  For a typical stand of grass, deep and infrequent is better than shallow and frequent. This will help the grass develop a deeper root zone and will help ward off pests such as chinch bugs, a pest that tends to attach to dried, stressed out lawns across the midsection of the country.  Deep watering can also prevent thatch which can choke a yard out.  Sandy soil lawns will require more water while clay soil lawns will require less since they trap more water.  Even the most healthiest lawns require at least two feedings of nitrogen per year.  At All Terra Landscape, we use a slow release fertilizer to prevent burning while giving the lawn a slow sustained feeding.  Every two or three years it can be a good idea to treat your yard with a lime application. This is because watering and fertilizing cause soil to become acidic over time and lime restores the pH while putting important minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the soil.  At All Terra Landscape, we recommend a late spring, late summer and late fall feeding.  Mowing height is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lawn.  Try not to cut your lawn less than 3"  and even higher is better!  This will help promote a deep root zone resulting in a thicker lawn helping to prevent weeds and pests.  Try not to cut more than 1/4 of the leaf blade and avoid leaving clumps of grass.  This may require mowing more than once a week if possible. Raise your mower during the hot, dry months and try to avoid mowing on extremely hot days.  These are just a few, basic tips on how to promote a happy, healthy lawn.

Choosing a Lawn Mowing Service

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 01/19/13

With so many lawn maintenance companies out there it can be difficult to choose one that is dependable.  Make sure the lawn service you choose is properly insured. Ask to see their certificate of insurance for liability and workman's comp.  If any damage is done to your property or if someone is hurt, it is important that the mowing service you hire is insured for these situations to protect yourself from law suits or loss of money.  Besides, any business licensed to do business in the State of Michigan is required by law to carry workman's comp and liability insurance which will be one difference between a professional lawn care company and a "fly by night" lawn care company.  Next, be sure to ask for a list of references that include actual locations included with the clients name.  While price is important, try not to make your choice entirely on cost alone.  The lawn maintenance business is a very competitive industry and you will always be able to find someone to do it cheaper.  We sometimes tell people that you have three choices when it comes to your lawn care: cheap lawn mowing, fast lawn mowing or quality lawn mowing,,,,choose one!  While this may sound extreme, there is some truth to it.  A lawn care company that mows your lawn cheaply will only be able to do for so long before they discover that they either have to raise the price or start cutting corners to make a profit. " Faster" mowing service can sometimes translate to "less quality" mowing service. If you can find a lawn care contractor that can mow your lawn fast and cheap while offering quality at the same time then great but make sure they know your expectations ahead of time to get the service you want.  Other things to look for is professional appearance.  Are the people mowing your lawn wearing appropriate safety equipment and uniforms?  Do you really want some sweaty guy with his shirt off on your property mowing your yard?  It's the little things that can separate a true professional lawn company from the rest.  After hiring a lawn maintenance company it should only take a couple of mowings before that company knows the layout of your property and how to mow it. For more information on our professional lawn maintenance services, please give us a call at 517 599 1446 or feel free to fill out a request for quotation at 

The cost of a bad Landscape Plan

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 01/11/13

Too many times I often see landscape projects that look amazing when they are installed but after a few years they are overgrown resulting in costly plant removal.  One of the most common mistakes in landscape design is not planning for the future.  A well thought, functional yet aesthetic landscape design can save you hundred's if not thousand's of dollars in the long run.  Yes, it may cost a little bit more for a succesful design from a reputable company but it is worth every penny.  Another problem can arise with hardscapes such as brick patios, walkways and retainer walls due to faulty construction.  Each area of the country requires different preparation based on the climate you are in.  In the north, the most important factor to the success of a good hardscape is the preparation of the base.  Most failures in brick paver projects are a result of not installing enough road gravel for drainage or poor compaction.  In retaining walls, you commonly see problems with not enough stone behind the wall or no stone at all.  This allows water to drain away from the wall and prevent settling.  Make sure to use drain tile no matter how small the project.  It's a great insurance policy and its cheap!  Also, with segmental retaining walls, it is important that you use the right product for your site based on wall height, slope towards the top of the wall and surcharge which is a combination of slope and weight above the wall such as a parking lot or structure.  These are just a few culprits of poor planning and construction. Good design with a reputable company is well worth it when it comes to your investment.

Questions answered on anything landscape related

by All Terra Landscape Services LLC of Lansing Michigan on 09/02/10

All Terra Landscape Services LLC offers advice on Landscape Design, Landscape Installations, Lawn Maintenance, and Snow Removal.  We have over 20 years of knowledge to offer you!  Please feel free to ask us a question!