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Importance of a Fall Clean Up

With the summer coming to what seems to be an abrupt end, it's time to prepare your lawn for the fall months. You guessed it, leaves! We all would probably rather be doing other things like going to a football game or trying to keep up with your kids school activities or maybe getting that last beach day on a warm fall weekend but fall leaf removal plays an important part in keeping your yard healthy and keeping unwanted bugs and pests out of your yard and home. Here are a few tips on helping your lawn and landscape look the best it can for the following spring.

Bugs and Pests Love Wet Leaves!

Leaves left unattended during the fall months become a moisture haven for bugs creating a perfect habitat for colonies of unwanted pests that can enter your home and destroy your lawn in the fall and the following spring. By removing the leaves, you ensure that your lawn is healthy the following spring making it a much less desirable environment for those creepy crawlies! Also, a build up of leaves can brown out your lawn and increase the risk of snow mold which is a cold weather fungi primarily affecting cool season grasses that produces large, grey circles in your lawn that isn't noticeable until the following spring. Rodents and other small animals love piles of leaves that create shelter for them making them feel safe which can also lead them to the inside of your home.

A Yard With Less Leaves Looks Better.

Fall leaf removal from your yard is not only healthy for your lawn and landscape but let's face it, it just looks better. At All Terra Landscape Services, we possess specialized commercial equipment such as large collection systems and leaf vacuums that can suck your leaves right into a dump trailer ensuring that cleaning up your leaves is done as fast and professionally as possible saving you money and most importantly, time that can be spent doing your favorite fall activities. Our fall clean up leaf removal services provide the following to the Greater Lansing MI Area:

-Leaf and stick removal from lawn and landscape beds

-Parking lot and paved surface leaf removal

-Cutting of spent perennials and ornamental grasses

-Curbside leaf pickup - Get the leaves to the street and we'll do the rest!

Call us at 517 599 1446 or fill out our online quote request for your fall clean up leaf removal today

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