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Why Hiring A Landscape Designer Can Save You Time And Money

All Terra Landscape Services Can Save You Money When It Comes Time To Design And Install Your Landscaping

Have you ever started a home improvement project and decided half way through you were in over your head or didn't have the time or experience finish it? When you finally have reached that point and brought in an expert, you find out that it is going to cost you more money to fix everything you did wrong! Everyone has been there don't feel bad! This happens to many people when it comes to everything from a kitchen remodel, painting and plumbing to yes, even landscaping! In This article, All Terra Landscape will provide you with reasons you should start with a well, thought out landscape plan from the beginning that will save you time and money in the long run.


Would you try to install new plumbing in your home without ever taking educational courses on how to do so? Or, would you build a house without a plan or knowing the steps of construction and local codes? More than likely you would call a local plumbing and construction expert to do the job and landscaping should be no different.

What if your vision of your dream yard includes inviting brick paver pathways and patios, landscape lighting, beautiful plantings and a relaxing back yard pond with a waterfall? Would you have the knowledge to properly install these landscape elements so that they will last for years to come? If you want to ensure that your landscape dollars stretch as far as possible, you'll want to hire a professional landscape design and installation company that has experience in landscape construction practices. A company that knows what plantings work in your area or how to construct hard-scape projects with specifications suitable for your locality.

Landscape design for your front or back yard
A great landscape design is based on many factors of your site, needs and wants. All Terra Landscape can help you design a landscape that can fit any budget


Landscape Designers have the education and training that can assist you in all aspects of your landscape. Knowing which plants are hardy to your region is important as well as proper spacing to allow for mature growth to avoid having to tear out plantings down the road because they've outgrown their space. Knowledge of construction techniques when it comes to installing your hard-scape will help to avoid failure of retaining walls and brick patios due to improper foundation preparations. Landscape Designers can also plan a well thought out landscape with creative ideas based on your needs and wants while incorporating important design and installation methods to create an outdoor living space that's installed properly the first time, saving you money in the end. Here are a few things Landscape Designers consider when developing a landscape plan:

  • Existing site conditions such as views to enhance or to screen for privacy

  • Sun, shade, soil, heat, cold, sound and soil conditions of your site

  • Site inventory of existing landscape elements such as trees, shrubs, and structures

  • Adjacent neighboring properties and the affect on a client's landscape plan

  • Drainage considerations

  • Utility locations and measurement of property

  • Client's preliminary budget and needs for their outdoor living space

  • Logistics of material delivery and storage during a landscape project

  • Knowledge of local landscape supply companies with the best pricing

  • Needs of heavy equipment for landscape installations

  • Pedestrian movement and requirements

  • Landscape maintenance thresholds of client

  • Watering needs such as lawn or plant irrigation

  • Choosing plants based on local climate zones

  • Views of the landscape from interior spaces


Take advantage of other services your landscape designer may offer. It's usually a good idea to hire a landscape designer that has the knowledge and capability to install and maintain your investment to keep it looking it's best. There are many landscape designers out there who have never installed a landscape so do your homework. At All Terra Landscape, we have 25 years of experience designing AND installing landscapes for businesses and home owners in the Greater Lansing MI Area. We offer the following professional landscape services to help you create and maintain the yard of your dreams.

Give All Terra Landscape Services a call today for a free estimate or fill out our online quote request form to schedule a time for one of our landscape consultants to meet with you at your home or business.

Front Yard Landscape Ideas For Your Home
All Terra Landscape has a vast knowledge of plant materials that can enhance the curb appeal of your home's landscape

Brick or flagstone patios with fire pits and seat walls
All Terra Landscape can create an outdoor living space designed for your needs and wants

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