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Retaining Walls By All Terra Landscape Services

Let Our Experts Help You Decide Which Type of Wall Is Best For Your Site

From Block And Wood Retaining Walls To Boulder And Natural Flagstone retaining Walls, All Terra Landscape Can Help You Decide Which Type Of Wall Is Best For Your Landscape

Often times, retaining walls are a necessary element of the landscape but that doesn't mean they need to be dull. The construction and materials of your retainer wall is very important when it comes time to decide which type of wall you need for your landscape. At All Terra Landscape Services, we are experts when it comes to construction of your retainer wall.  We can help you decide which wall material is suitable based on the loads, height, drainage and other environmental conditions of your business or home's site. Some retaining walls require more engineering than other retaining wall systems to prevent failures from settling and falling over. These are important factors to consider when it comes to the costs of a retaining wall. Let All Terra Landscape Services install your retaining wall right the first time.  Give us a call for a free quote or fill out our online quote request form to schedule an appointment with one of our Landscape pros.

All Terra Landscape Offers Many Retaining Wall Solutions

  • ​Segmental Interlocking Block Walls

  • Wood Retaining Walls

  • Boulder and Natural Stone Walls

  • Rip Rap Walls

  • Engineered or Non Engineered Walls

  • Retaining Wall Caps

Many Factors go into the decision on what type of retaining wall is suitable for your site such as the height of the grade you are trying to retain, loads on top of the wall, drainage needs behind your retaining wall as well as aesthetic factors to consider when constructing your retaining wall. Here are a few factors to think of that our experts At All Terra Landscape Services can help you when it comes time to choose a retaining wall system.

  • Drainage requirements behind the retaining wall

  • Loads above the wall. Is there a parking lot or steep grade coming down to the top of the wall?

  • Is the wall over thirty inches? Most will require geotextile fabric support for taller walls

  • Types of segmental block walls. Pin or lip system

  • Consider pattern walls and colors

  • Access to the site

Retaining Wall Drainage Is Very Important When It Comes To Installing Your Retainer Wall
Raised Garden Walls, Seat Walls And Landcape Block Pillars Can Add Charm To Your Landscape

Many Man Made Wall Systems Are Designed To Look Like Real Stone

Call All Terra Landscape Services To Find Out More About Retainer Walls For Your Business Or Home's Landscape

We offer retaining wall installation services to the following cities within the Mid Michigan Area

Lansing | Bath | Charlotte | DeWitt | East Lansing | Eaton Rapids | Grand Ledge | Haslett | Holt | Jackson | Laingsburg | Leslie |
Mason | Okemos | Potterville | St. Johns | Williamston

We're here to help. Tell us about your landscape project or request a free quote for lawn and snow removal services and we'll set up an appointment with one of our landscape representatives

Due to heavy volume, please allow up to two days for reply. Thank you for your patience!

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